Monday, April 11, 2011

Harper Lynn: Day Seven

Harper had a great day today! She progressed so much from even yesterday. She is taking about 50 mL every three hours, but has only been eating between 5-15 of those from the bottle. The rest has been tube fed. She really took off today and she ate between 20-35 mL from the bottle at every feeding. She seems to be getting a lot stronger, so hopefully she'll be doing it all on her own very soon.

Here are a few pictures from our day today:

Grammy feeding Harper her bottle

This is Harper's little area in the NICU

Harper gets a bath every three days

She is SO cute after her bath. She smells so good and we put all new clothes on. She is so proud to be Eli and Landon's little sister, so we wore this shirt for them.

After her bath and bottle, she is completely exhausted. Doesn't she look so sweet and peaceful?

And here are a few of her "accessories." A girl must always look her best.

She is doing so well and I'm very optimistic that we're not too far from going home. What a good day!


D'Ann said...

Wooo hooooo! Thankful for progress. She is changing every time you post pictures:)

Matt H said...

So glad to read these wonderful updates, all of us and the boys have been praying for Harper!

Bethany said...

Such a little princess...awww :)

Micah and Jennifer said...

She is so beautiful! Glad things are going well for y'all!

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