Monday, April 25, 2011

Picture Overload

Instead of boring you all with the details of what we've been up to, here is our life in pictures from the past two weeks.

I get to sit and hold/stare at this sweet baby all day long. While I consider this a great privilege...I can't help but think that I would enjoy it so much more from the comfort of my recliner.

Dustin and Nemo bring the boys up to see me every few days. They go to the hospital and visit Harper while Grammy and I spend some quality time with Eli and Landon. Last week, we played at the park across from the hospital.

 Eli and Landon were just enthralled with throwing rocks in the water, so we spent most of the afternoon/evening doing just that.

Look at Eli's perfect form :) Maybe he'll be a famous pitcher like his great-grandpa.

Here's a peek into life in the hospital. This is Harper's little area of the NICU. Our sweet nurse, Aimee decorated her dry erase board and another sweet and fun nurse, Jana put pictures of Eli and Landon on her bed so that they can watch over her at all times. We miss Nurse Amy (from when Eli and Landon were here), but we have been well taken care of in her absence. Amy sent Harper a package the second day we were here with a pink Aggie blanket for Harper and this jar in between the two stuffed animals in the picture below. It says "Harper's Blessings" on the outside and it is full of scripture, quotes, and song lyrics that are encouraging and keep us mindful of the fact that our God is completely in control of Harper's situation. There have been many nights that I have sat here with Harper and read her "blessings" to her and they have brought peace and comfort to us. Amy has been such a friend and encouragement to us the past 2.5 years and I'm thankful that our paths crossed the day Eli and Landon were born.

Harper eats every three hours. Right before her feedings, we take her temperature, change her diaper, clean her cord with alcohol, and wrap her up tight to get ready to cuddle with our sweet girl for the hour it takes to complete her feeding.

Harper and I just live for the moments that Dustin comes to see us. Seeing him with Harper makes me fall in love with him all over again. I never thought I would be okay with Dustin loving another girl more than me, but I can definitely make an exception for Harper.

Here is Harper's monitor that keeps track of her heart rate, respiration, and oxygen saturation. This was certainly a moment to document as Harper's oxygen saturation was at 100%.

Harper and I have been so very blessed to have Grammy here with us the past three weeks. She has to leave on Wednesday and I'm anticipating a complete meltdown on my part when reality sets in.

This past weekend, Grampy came to meet Miss Harper (and subsequently fall in love with her from what I hear). He and mom stayed here in Lubbock and took care of Harper so that I could go home for one night and be with all my boys on Easter.

I had a great Saturday evening and Sunday at home. I spent a lot of time with Eli and Landon and got a lot of rest. They were pretty excited (and a little confused) about the Easter Bunny bringing them presents.

We worshipped in Snyder, which was very good for the heart. Everyone there is so supportive and encouraging. We have just been completely humbled and taken back by the love that has been shown to us by our family at 37th street church of Christ.

After worship, we headed out to Ross and D'Ann's house for a delicious lunch. Eli and Landon love to climb on all of Ross' tractors!

Ross found four baby bunnies in the yard and Landon immediately put it all together that this was the bunny that had brought him a present that morning. He's so funny! Ross and D'Ann were so kind as to package two bunnies up for Eli and Landon to take home. I'm sure their intentions were good, but I'm questioning any friend that would give my children wild animals :) It's just a good thing that Nemo (lover of all animals big and small) is there to take care of them. I'm certainly at my limit of living things that I can take care of.

Eli and Landon pretty much hate the camera these days, so I didn't get a single picture of them with their shirts tucked in or without dirt all over their face. Oh well...boys will be boys.

So this was overwhelmingly long, but now we're all caught up and I'll try to post updates on Harper more often to keep you all informed on her progress. We do have big news regarding Harper: She has now reached the 6 pound mark. Each day of growth is an answered prayer and we are so thankful!


The Boyd Gang said...

Loved the pictures of the boys throwing rocks into the water! My girls would have probably ended up in the water!! I am glad you got to spend sometime with the boys at home.

Harper is so precious and blessed to have such wonderful parents!

Elizabeth said...

did lindy get to see the pics of your little pitcher??? i LOVE that!! i miss you guys, but love you lots.

dancingbroomsticks29 said...

Dear Grigsby family,

I happened across your blog, and first off congratulations on your newest edition- she is absolutely beautiful! I wanted to leave you a quick comment because I work for the University of Kentucky's Pediatric Congenital Heart Surgery team. Recently a mother of one of our congenital heart patients started an organization called Kerrington's heart: I noticed you all are in Texas, but I thought it still might help you in this tough, stressful time, and perhaps your location has an organization similar? It's wonderful support. I wish you and your family the best and hope that you get to bring your beautiful daughter home soon!!

Heather said...

It made me laugh to see all the pictures of the boys in your post - wish I could see ya'll! Praying for Harper and all of ya'll every day! -- Heather

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