Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bye Nana!

This is Nana

Nana came to help take care of the three of us this week and I don't know what I would have done without her. She nursed me back to health, cooked for me, did my laundry, and was up at the hospital with me at all times. She changed diapers, cleaned cords, took temperatures, sang, rocked, cleaned spit up, fed, burped, and loved Eli and Landon with me all week. She listened to all of my ailments, carted me all over Lubbock, took me out to eat, listened to me gush about my babies nonstop, stayed on top of the nurses to make sure that the boys got the best possible care, and cried with me when we left them alone at the hospital at night. I think mother-in-laws in general get a pretty bad reputation sometimes, but I love mine. Most weeks, I talk to her a lot more than Dustin does. I respect her and value her opinion and consider her one of my best friends. I know that might not be normal, but I love our relationship.

Nana goes home tomorrow and I just want her to know just how much I appreciate her dropping everything else to come be with us. Thank you!

We love you, Nana!

And here are a few more pictures from today. Have you ever seen anything so cute?


Elizabeth said...

You really DID have a fashion shoot! And, no, I have NEVER seen ANYTHING cuter or more adorable. Ever. Seriously.

Keith and Laneigh said...

They are so very precious. I am amazed at how much they really do look alike. Congratulations. Praying for your family.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the boys are stinkin' adorable...but I mean, they are my nephews, so what do you expect? But you look equally amazing! I've never seen you look better than the last week of photos. Motherhood suits you. :-)

Love you all!
Aunt Kristin

The Boyd Gang said...

They are really precious. It is so nice to have a wonderful mother-in-law. Joetta is great and always doing stuff for the girls. I know that Neva is going to be a wonderful Nana! Alone time is hard to have but more special when you actually have a chance to just be.

Joey said...

Wonderful. Really just wonderful. :)

jess said...

What a blessing to have had her there! I'm so glad you've been so well taken care of. They are soo sweet - I don't know how you stand it!! :) I wish so much I could hold them! Prayers continue!! I gave my mom your website - she is so ecstatic for you too. :) Love you!

Tayshellene said...

Amy, What beautiful babies. They are so precious and being a mom really looks good on you! You have such a beautiful family. Keep posying pics!

Love, Taber

neva said...

Thank you so much for letting me stay with you and the boys!  I can't beleive I have such a sweet and sharing daughter-in-law. I love you and those precious boys so much.

Parker Life said...

Hey I told you she would spoil you. She is awesome! She really should have followed through with that nursing thing. She would have been greatAnyways those little guys are amazing and hope you are getting a bit more rest. Oh and don't forget=HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TOMORROW.
love ya'll

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