Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's Time!

Hi, it's Kristin...I'll try to provide you with the most dramatic and exagerated play-by-play possible! It's just about 10:45am, and they just took Amy into delivery. Dustin is loaded down with cameras and video cameras...lookin' good in his paper blue scrubs! We've all cried and laughed the entire's been wonderful! Everything seems to be going well. The nurses and physicians are so fantastic! Personally, I'm so stinkin' excited about being an aunt!

Funny side note, the nurse brought in some medication for Amy to take orally to settle her stomach for the surgery. Her exact words were, "Don't take your time. Just throw it back like a shot." Amy just stared at her....blankly. Hysterical! Dustin and I also laughed to tears while trying to put on Amy's T.E.D. stockings (similar to excessively tight white pantyhose). They are supposed to prevent blood clots, but I'm pretty sure they just cut off all circulation! Lance made sure to give Dustin advice on what to do if he felt like he might pass out, i.e. paper bags with a Lance demonstration. We were all cracking up!

Anyway, I wanted to keep all of you updated, but there's really not a lot going on right now. We're all pretty emotional...especially Amy. I know Amy and Dustin are praying hard, and I know they can't even begin to express how thankful they are for all of your prayers and thoughts. Please keep them coming the rest of the day.

I'll try to post a few times today...SO EXCITED!!!!


The Ratcliffs said...

yay! Can't wait to see little Eli and Landon! We are praying for you guys, and I know you'll do great!

Anonymous said...

You must be so excited! In the next few hours your world will be changed forever!! I will be thinking of you!


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