Saturday, October 25, 2008

We're starting to eat!

This has been an eventful week. Mom flew in on Wednesday morning and there is just something about having your mom with you that makes everything okay. Elizabeth flew in on Thursday and between the three of us, we spent most of our time laughing and that's just what I needed. They have been such a help and encouragement to me and have really helped me "recharge." Dustin came to see us on Wednesday and we celebrated our three year anniversary with our boys in the NICU. I am blessed beyond measure to be married to such a selfless, thoughtful, and godly man. I thought Dustin was perfect when I married him and now I am only more sure of that fact.

The boys are doing really well. Landon decided on Thursday that he was ready for the bottle and just sucked three down in one day. He also did very well Friday. And while this is a good thing, I became very afraid that Landon would be released before Eli and then I would have an infant to care for 24 hours a day and another in the NICU where I can't take Landon back to once he's released. Eli is just a lot smaller still and a little behind and the thought of him staying in that hospital without his brother just breaks my heart. I have really struggled with this the past few days and prayed and prayed for Eli to catch up and all of a sudden today, Eli drank a whole bottle. I think the neonatologist will do whatever she can to not separate the boys, but those insurance companies don't really love to pay to keep babies there unecessarily, so we continue to pray for Eli's progress. The boys are more alert these days and are growing each and every day. Eli weighs 3 pounds, 11 ounces and Landon weighs 4 pounds, 10 ounces.

This weekend has been great. Elizabeth is here and there are few people I have as much fun with than her. Dustin is also here and the boys just seem to do so much better when he's around - especially Eli. He is definitely going to be a daddy's boy.

Here are a few recent pictures of the boys

We have taken tons of pictures this week with Grammy, Sliz, and Daddy and I'll get those up soon.


Crystal said...

Glad things are going well and we will be sure to keep little Eli in our prayers. I can only imagine the heartbreak of having to leave one in the NICU and take the other home.

I'm pretty sure I have seen Dustin make the same facial expression that Landon has in that picture. He must be a daddy's boy, too.

The Boyd Gang said...

It is so good to hear that they are making such wonderful progress. What color are their eyes? It is hard to tell from the pictures. We hope to come visit you soon.

The Jones' said...

Tyler is home with me today and he was looking at the pics with me. He says, "Mommy, I love these pictures of those little boys! They're just the same!" I have to agree. We're keeping you in our prayers, and we're glad to see their progress!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about separating the boys! Bryce was ready to come home at least 5 days before Parker was. Thankfully, the hospital lets then stay together, and the insurance company did not catch on. It was hard enough for me to leave them at night, but I would have completely lost it if I would have had to take them away from each other. I think the nurses would have had to call security to force me to separate them! Even now, if I take Parker to the doctor and Bryce does not come with us he will cry the whole way and say he "lost Bryce." Eli and Landon continue to be in our prayers.


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