Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Long Day

The NICU called me at 6:30 this morning to tell me that Eli needed a blood transfusion. I got up there as soon as possible and they explained that since Eli was the "donor twin" in the TTTS situation, he started out with low blood levels, while Landon's blood levels were elevated at birth. The hope was that both of them would even out on their own and while Landon's levels are now normal, Eli is still low and anemic. Poor little Eli just can't catch a break. I don't know how many of you have read the consent form for a blood transfusion, but the risks involve HIV/AIDS and death. So I sat in the NICU early this morning just praying that we were doing the right thing as I signed that paper. I guess it really hit me at that moment that I am totally responsible for what happens to these two precious lives and to even think about the possible consequences of my decision was just overwhelming. If I could have signed myself up for it in his place I would have done it in a heartbeat. So I spent the rest of the day praying for this little guy and around 3:30 this afternoon, they started the blood and everything went really well. God has blessed us once again.

The boys are both doing great with their feedings. Eli has not only caught up to Landon, but surpassed him. He very eagerly sucks every last drop of his bottle down faster than Landon can even get started. The nurse yesterday mentioned that we would probably be going home in a week or two at the very most. I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but it is encouraging to think the end of this hospital stay might be in sight.

The great news is that Dustin got here tonight and will be here for the rest of the week. It's getting harder and harder on all of us to be apart from each other so we are very thankful he is able to be here now.

Okay...Dustin has informed me that no one wants to read my long posts and all you want is pictures, so here you go...

Eli and Landon's new crib!

Eli is such a daddy's boy

Eli will just crane his neck to look at me every time he hears me talking. I think I'll keep him - he's just too sweet!

Elizabeth and Landon. We miss you, Elizabeth!

Dustin burping Eli

They love each other.

Eli's blood transfusion today :(

So, I just realized that most of those pictures were of Eli. We'll feature more of Landon in the next post.


Anonymous said...

I want your long posts! I was waiting for this one. Parker, my "donor" had to have a transfusion too. I stood over him and cried so hard as it was going into him, he was covered with my tears. But I know that if that was the worst thing that happened, we were blessed. How does he look? Parker was BEET RED after his!


Crystal said...

Don't listen to Dustin, we all want to hear how everything is going...even if it means a long post. Just know that the prayers will keep flooding in for both of the boys and their emotionally drained parents.

Parker Life said...

Oh I love your stories-it helps in watching them grow from a far.
Kathy and Shawn and I prayed for Eli yesterday when we heard he was getting the transfusion. He did well once again.
Of course we love the pics too though.
Give the boys hugs and kisses from us. Love ya'll Bryan Amber Kathy and Shawn

Kristin said...

Yes- do keep up the long posts i love reading them and my mom is even reading them now and calls to tell me that you have put up new pics. they are too cute and we are still praying for them down here in Portland to be able to go home healthy real soon. YOu and Dustin are doing a great job. Keep it up.

The James Posse said...

I love your blogsite. Since we can't see them in person, this is a great way to get to watch them grow. I also was going to let you know that we started our family blogspot to. We are praying for ya'll and a fast pace to going home.

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the long posts. I'd be OK with MORE pictures, too, since I'm pretty sure you have more... I miss you all.

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