Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Chaos!

So much to little time!

0: The number of Christmas presents I had purchased as of Saturday morning.

2: The number of sweet husbands that let my friend Sabra and I make a mad dash to Lubbock to shop while they kept the kids.

15: The number of presents I got wrapped yesterday.

4: The number of nights we will stay in Iraan (assuming everyone remains well there)

576, 934: The number of items I will need to pack for the boys just to survive 4 days away from home.

5: The number of times I have washed my sheets in the last two weeks. Why do they only wet through their diapers when they are sleeping in my bed?

4: The number of additional times I should have washed the sheets, but slept on them anyway.

7: The approximate number of loads of laundry I anticipate doing today.

2: The number of sweet darling babies that are sleeping right now, allowing me to get stuff done. Except...all I want to do is sit here and watch them.


Tisha said...

merry Christmas!! We are on the road and just wanted to say hello. Enjoyed your post. It brought back wonderful memories!! Love you guys
Young family

miss amy said...

i missed seeing you guys this week...MERRY Christmas...even though God gave you your best presents on October 8th. oh...try putting them in diapers a size bigger and cinching them up good at night. i have a friend who found that immensely useful... :) give those precious ones kisses for me!

love, nurse amy :)

Parker Life said...

Amy-dear you will find they are going to do much more in your bed-my advice stock up on sheets!
Breathe and I hope to see you all soon. love ya'll and give my boys hugs and kisses.
Aunt Amber

Crystal said...

It is encouraging to me to see that your bed is made in the picture. I can hardly find time to take a shower and brush my teeth. It calms down...doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy! This is Angel! It's been so long since I have talked to you! Your babies are beautiful! I wish you best of luck in Mother hood. I'm finding it's the best job in the world! My little Gaby is 17 1/2 Months now and she's the best thing that has EVER happened to me. It's amazing at how they can pick you up when your feeling so down!

Love always,
Angel Hamm Garner

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