Monday, December 29, 2008

We Survived!

Well, our first overnight trip with the boys went off without a hitch! They did great, stayed on schedule, slept at night, and traveled like champs.

Here are a few items waiting to be loaded Christmas Eve morning:

Our Christmas tree and presents. Just a side note - wrapping presents for two month old babies is silly when you are the one unwrapping them. I didn't realize how foolish I would feel unwrapping presents I had just wrapped hours before while the recipients of those presents sat totally unaware of what was going on. Oh well...

The boys got wooden rocking horses from Nana and Papa and we got a new video camera! I am so excited! I'm not a very good videographer, but who cares. I want to catch everything these sweet boys do on film.

Landon and Eli enjoyed a little down time looking out of Nana's big windows.

They never last very long during tummy time. They have it confused with "lie down and go to sleep time." I sure don't blame them.



The boys got in some quality time with Nana, Papa, Uncle Lance, and Uncle Kevin.

And we all loved spending our days with daddy! We wish he never had to work.

Eli has just recently discovered his fists and likes to use them at all hit Landon and also to express his excitement like in this pictures:

We took a family pictures - only the third one ever. Dustin is so sweet to lean down so I don't look quite so short. Don't you love the west Texas scenery?

And here are the boys ready to go home. It was a fun trip, but it's always nice to get home again.


Anonymous said...

Wow the boys are growing, and I just love the pictures!!! Especially the one of lance, I bet he just loves those boys.

The Boyd Gang said...

I enjoyed getting to see your boys! They are so precious and have such unique personalities already. Hope you all had a great Christmas!

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