Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Night Life

This is my bedroom and this is how it looks right before we go to bed.

This playpen is where the babies (are supposed to) sleep. They end up in our bed most nights, mostly because it's easier that way. I'm probably forming bad habits that will haunt me well past toddlerhood and into early adolescence, but I'm willing to take that risk. Surely they won't leave for college having never slept in their own bed :)

Now I am not sure exactly what goes on in the night as I am quite incoherent most of the time, but most mornings, I wake up to a completely different sight. In the interest of full disclosure, I share the following pictures...

Pillows. blankets, cords, wires, bottles, clothes, diapers, and trash everywhere. How does this even happen?

Diapers piled up because the diaper genie was full and let's be honest, who wants to fool with that thing in the wee hours of the morning?

A pile of dirty clothes and blankets that have been soaked with pee or spit up.

Bottles, dishes, and trash...I don't remember drinking that coke - I must have been really desperate.I guess it's better that I don't remember. They say that if parents were actually aware and remembered the hard work and lack of sleep that babies cause, no one would have more than one - or two in my case. It's just nature's way of keeping the population up, I guess.

And whatever it is that happens at night...I'm sure these sweet babies are worth it.


Kendra said...

Ha! I loved this post! Mostly because we have ALWAYS struggled with sleep issues in our house :). Emma just might be the first kid to go to college never having slept in her own bed :). Seriously, don't worry about it. It is completely necessary to do what works for you at the time during parenting. And, as they say, time will pass and before you know it you and Dustin will be talking about the good old days when your kids used to snuggle up with you all night. At least, i keep telling myself that!


The Boyd Gang said...

It is so nice to know that I'm not the only one that goes to bed with a semi clean house and wake up with a big mess. In my case it's not the girls really anymore, it's Lane and his night eating habits. I hated the diaper geni. At least your diapers end up in the general area. I always find mine in interesting places. I can't wait to come see you all. You will need a bigger bed because the bigger they get the smaller your bed gets. Zoey quit sleeping with us because we annoyed her!

The James Posse said...

I spoiled both my kids and let them sleep in bed with us. They are only going to be this age once and you should enjoy every minute of it. Or at least that is how I convinced Tim that it was okay. When they are that little it is all about how to get the most sleep possible for you and them. It takes a little effort to get them in their own bed, but was not too hard.

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