Monday, March 28, 2011

The Wedding

Eli and Landon made their debut appearance as ring bearers in a wedding Saturday afternoon. They almost did great. They were so close to the end. I couldn't believe it...they held hands, the held their pillows, they walked instead of ran, and they were just almost to the end of the long aisle when it all fell apart. A few highlights of the video are:

* First and foremost, please take a moment to appreciate how great they do for the first 17 seconds.
* I love the exact second (0:27) that Eli sees the candy at the end of the aisle.
* I love how Landon didn't even phase the flower girls. They were in the zone.
* I love how the one little flower girl doesn't look up the whole time and sweet little Ava leads her the whole way.
* I love the flower girl dresses! Cheree made them just by looking at a picture...she's amazing!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. I wish I had pictures of the reception and all of the beautiful details, but I was too busy trying to contain my two very active boys.

Here are some pictures of Eli and Landon from the rest of the weekend.

Don't I look cooperative?

Rolling around on the ground during the rehearsal. Needless to say...the boys did not stand at the front during the wedding, but sat on the front row with me and Dustin.

So...I didn't get a very good picture of the two of them in their suits, but you get the idea. They were SO handsome!

You can dress them up...

I managed to get a couple smiles amid all of the crying.

Ava and Joshua...I just love these two!

Dustin kept the boys entertained while we waited to take pictures.

The kids with the happy couple. Does Heather look beautiful or what?

Eli "napping" on his pillow right before the wedding

I completely gave up trying to keep the boys clean after the wedding was over. Their little suits were filthy about 3 minutes into the reception. Somehow they managed to find the dirtiest dog ever to play with.

And then they moved on to the murky standing water. Their suit jackets were soaking wet. Eli actually stuck his face in this water and took a drink. He probably has worms now.

We attempted a family picture, but it was quite unsuccessful. Eli and Landon were SO done by this point in time.

Can anyone spot two tired boys in the next two pictures?

We loved being a part of Heather and Phil's wedding day and feel so honored that they asked us. It was a little stressful, but it was a lot of fun! Congratulations Heather and Phil!


Elizabeth said...

LoL! they seriously look JUST like you when they're tired!

Ophelia said...

Lovely boys Amy.

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