Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We're Scheduled!

So the decision has finally been made to just go ahead and deliver without Dr. Atkinson. Dr. Killeen will be there and there will be another doctor assisting in Dr. Atkinson's place who everyone on this floor raves about, so I guess I feel good about that. The delivery should be a pretty routine thing....I'm not too concerned about it. And then Dr. Robinson will be here to check Harper out as soon as she's born and stable.

We're scheduled for Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. Can we please take a moment to focus on the fact that I will be 38 weeks and 4 days along at that point in time. In addition to that, Harper should be well over 5 lbs. and her lungs are completely mature already. I just couldn't ask for a better situation. We have been so blessed!

The bad news is...that's really early! I guess when you wait to schedule until a week before, all the mid-morning time slots are unavailable. The good news is...I'll have less time to engage in all kinds of hysteria and anxiety and I won't be in pain all morning from not being able to eat. I realize that come Tuesday morning, the last thing I'll be thinking about is how hungry I am, but as it turns out...eating is all I think about these days.

And speaking of...I just discovered the huge stash of Blue Bell ice cream cups, popsicles, and frozen treats in the patient snack area. Now six days doesn't seem quite as long!

Dustin and his mom are bringing the boys up to see me this evening and I can't wait! I get to leave and have dinner with them, so my main concern today is deciding on the best possible place to eat tonight.  Life is rough, huh?

Happy middle of the week to you!


Kathi said...

my vote....Texas Roadhouse.. bread, honey butter, salad with croutons and steak...!!!

We're thrilled that Harper has a *day*.....even more thrilled that she seems to be ready to make her debut....praying for your family.
i love

The Boyd Gang said...

Try 5 a.m.!!!! Eat all you want while you can. It is one of the great things about pregnancy or at least I thought so until I started to get the post baby weight OFF :) I am glad you get to see the boys tonight.

Kristin said...

Hey Amy-

We will definitly be keeping you guys in our prayers for a safe delivery and that Harper is doing great. Love reading your blog and keeping updated on how yall are doing. Your boys are getting so big and they are just so cute. My mom even reads your blog now to keep updated. Anyways just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you and little Harper. We keep looking for an update and pictures. Take care. And I vote the Roadhouse as well!!

Ophelia said...

Dear Amy & Dustin, my prayers to the Lord for a safe delivery on Tuesday. God bless.

Crystal said...

I hope you had a wonderful meal. I'm not sure I could've choosen a place, we might have had to make multiple stops. Eat all you can now! That's definately the best part of being prego!

We are praying fervently for you all and for the health of baby Harper.

Jana said...

We will all be thinking and praying for you and sweet Harper on Tuesday! Hope yall enjoyed your outing! :)

Erin Crista said...

Hi Amy, praying for you and Harper. Hope everything goes as smoothly as possible. Can't wait to meet your precious baby girl. Thinking of you, your family and sweet Harper.

PS. Your boys are so adorable!!

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